The “Good” Word by Dr. Carol Good – Rockford Animal Hospital

*A Real Life “Frozen” Adventure *

If you are a facebook friend of Rockford Animal Hospital, you have probably already heard about the kitten at was brought to us this past week by a Good Samaritan that found her in a snowbank.

Her core temperature was below 90 degrees when I checked and her body was stiff. We didn’t know if we could save her, but we decided to try. The first thing we did was to place her in a warm, water bath and clean the icy debris off of her fur. Then, we dried her with a blow dryer and wrapped her in a towel. She was placed on a heating pad to warm up.

It was a good sign when she began to shiver, which meant that her body was making an effort to increase her body temperature. After a couple hours, we offered her some soft food and she ate it immediately. Since we didn’t know how long it had been since she last had food, we didn’t want to give too much too quickly, so we waited an hour and then gave her some more. This time she only ate a little.

Improvement took time. She had severe diarrhea but gradually it resolved and she began to use the litterbox. When she became more alert, she also became more frightened of us. So we had to gain her trust by showing her that human hands provided comfort and rewards.

This 10 week old kitten suffered frost bite on her toe pads and some of the pad came off, but she will heal in time. Now, she is ready to have a forever home. If you have an opening in your heart and home for little Elsa, please contact us at (616) 866-9589 to discuss the details!

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