This is my first time doing a blog so I hope you find it useful and I’ll try to throw in a little fun here and there. Since the Christmas and New Year’s holidays are on everyone’s mind, I’d like to talk about how to decorate and entertain while keeping your dog and cat safe and happy. First off, if you have young cats and dogs in the house and you don’t want your beautifully decorated Christmas tree to crash and burn like the one in “National Lampoon’s Christmas” movie, follow these tips.

Number one: Do not use tinsel. It is impossible for your cat to resist and, if they swallow it, could lead to a visit to the veterinary office for emergency surgery to remove it from the intestines. This can be a costly Christmas gift to your cat.   Number two: Just like when you have small children, you need to put all fragile and valuable tree decorations high up on the tree. Number three: You might just want to put an eye-bolt into a stud in your wall and secure a wire from that to the tree trunk. That way if your cat decides to climb the tree trunk or your dog jumps or pulls at the tree, it is less likely to fall over.

If you think this is an excessive precaution, let me tell you a little story. The first time my kittens saw a Christmas tree they were six months old. They thought it was the most wonderful cat toy they had ever been given. The bell ornaments were just made for batting and the higher I hung them, the more fun it was to jump and make them ring. Twice, I came home to find my tree lying on the floor, broken ornaments and a mess. (You might think I should have learned after the first time?) Anyway, I swore that if it came down a third time, Christmas or not, that tree was going back in the box. So, I screwed an eye-bolt into the wall, wired the tree and crossed my fingers the next time I left. When I came home, the tree was in place and only one or two cheap ornaments were on the carpet. Yes! Success at last.

If you want to help your pets stay off Santa’s (and your) naughty list, follow these tips and stay tuned for my next blog in a few days for more suggestions. That’s the “Good” word for now.

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