“The Good Word” by Dr. Carol Good – Rockford Animal Hospital

* Have a Happy “Howl”loween*

   Everyone knows by now that Halloween is almost as popular as Christmas when it comes to decorating and celebrating for the holiday. That enthusiasm has spilled over to involve our dogs and cats as well. Case in point, check out the selection of pet costumes now showing up at your local pet stores and even grocery stores. It’s beginning to rival that of children.

Dressing a pet in cloths isn’t always a good time for all dogs and cats, so make sure to keep in mind whether your pet will be tolerant of this activity. If they fight you on this, maybe a decoration on their collar would be best. On the other hand, if they don’t mind a costume, have at it! Just make sure to keep their eyes, ears, nose and mouth clear and they can walk without interference.

Don’t forget to take pictures. That way, you can remember the fun (or embarrass them) later. Speaking of that, we would like to share in the fun. So, please send us a picture of your pet (technicians@rockfordanimalhospital.com) and we would be happy to show the rest of the world how cute or funny your best furry friend is via our Facebook page.

Now, just a few safety tips for your buddies this Halloween. Keep all candy out of reach of your pet. At the least, it will give them an upset stomach. At the worst, both chocolate candies and those containing Sorbitol (a natural, low-calorie sweetener) are poisonous to dogs and cats and could be deadly.

Do not leave your pet free roaming outside over Halloween night and keep them securely leashed or in a place where there is no danger of them escaping if indoors. Pets can become frightened and escape out the door when you open it to greet trick or treaters.


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