Wow, only a few more days until Christmas. This is my favorite time. I love the anticipation, the preparations, and imagining how things will be these last few days before Christmas day. I think about all the good memories I have of Christmas’ past. Some of them involve my pets.

I have always loved to act in plays. So, at Christmas time when my older siblings and their families would come back to my folk’s house for Christmas day, those of us younger children who still lived at home would organize a Christmas pageant. Some of the older brothers and sisters would get roped into roles as well. We would dress up as Mary & Joseph, and travel to Bethlehem where the inn keeper would send us to the stable. Baby Jesus would be born and placed in the manger. Then shepherds and wise men would show up to worship the King.

Of course, there had to be animals in the stable. Unfortunately, we lived in town. We didn’t have any cows or sheep. But, I did have a black, toy poodle named Reggie. He always got really shaggy during the winter, so I thought he made a pretty good sheep. I don’t know what Reggie thought of the idea, but my family seemed to enjoy the presentation.

As we celebrate again the birth of God’s son and his gift of reconciliation and peace for all people, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with all your loved ones, human and furry.

~Dr Good

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