Laser Therapy

We provide Laser therapy in conjunction with traditional medicine and surgery to help improve outcomes and to give us additional options for treating our patients. If your pet has chronic arthritis, joint or back problems, or even a recent injury/illness causing pain or swelling, we have a treatment that can help them to move better and be more comfortable: laser therapy.

Many people have heard of lasers used for surgery or tattoo removal, but therapeutic laser is a much lower intensity laser beam that does not cut or burn. This type of laser light stimulates cells to repair themselves quickly and increases blood circulation in the area. This relieves pain and inflammation (heat/swelling/redness) in the area treated, so your pet will feel better, heal faster, and improve their mobility.

Laser therapy is chemical-free, soothing during and after the application and compatible with other modes of therapy or medications. Most pets find the therapy relaxing and are eager to be treated because they feel better afterwards. In a typical treatment session, the laser wand is applied to the area for 10 to 20 minutes. There is no need for shaving or clipping the fur and no sedation is needed.

Laser therapy has been used in both human and animal applications for decades. It is commonly used by orthopedic practices, pain relief clinics and in sports medicine. Many major league athletic clubs regularly use laser therapy to treat their athletes. It is safe and scientifically proven to be effective. It could be the right treatment for your pet to restore health and relieve pain.